Vizio vs Hisense: Enhancing Your Viewing Experience with the Vizio Remote App



Access and Control Your Vizio TV with the Vizio App Remote

One of the most useful features of newer Vizio TVs is the ability to control them using the intuitive vizio app. This free application transforms your smartphone or tablet into an enhanced remote, granting you convenient command over your Vizio television.

Key Benefits of the Vizio Remote App

Using the Vizio app remote provides several advantages:

  • Voice controls allow you to launch apps, search content, adjust volume, and more completely hands-free
  • Keyboard input makes typing text fast and easy when searching streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu
  • One app can control multiple Vizio TVs, ideal for households with more than one Vizio television
  • Intuitive gestures like swipes and taps make navigating menus simple and efficient

With the ability to search across apps using your voice or the keyboard, finding your favorite shows has never been quicker. You can even control playback functions like pause, rewind, and fast forward from the app itself.

Setup is a Piece of Cake

Getting started with the Vizio remote app takes just minutes:

  1. Make sure both your smartphone and Vizio TV are connected to the same WiFi network
  2. Download the free Vizio app from your device’s app store
  3. Open the app and it will automatically find nearby Vizio TVs also on the network
  4. Select your TV from the list of options

And that’s it! The app will pair with your television, giving you complete remote control capabilities straight from your phone or tablet. It even includes a touchpad-enabled keyboard to make text entry super simple.

Enhance Your Viewing Experience

With robust voice controls, keyboard input, and intuitive gestures, the Vizio app remote


The battle for supremacy in the TV market has been raging for years between popular brands Vizio and Hisense. Both provide high-quality televisions at affordable prices, but they each have their own strengths. Understanding these key differences will help you determine which brand best suits your needs and budget.

Picture Quality

When it comes to picture quality, Vizio touts excellent color accuracy and motion handling with its Quantum Color and Clear Action tech. Reviews praise Vizio’s vivid hues and sharp detail. Hisense counteracts with its proprietary ULED technology that boosts color, contrast, and brightness. Owners compliment Hisense’s deep blacks and bright highlights.

Smart Features

Vizio’s SmartCast OS and Hisense’s VIDAA U5 smart platform both provide access to popular streaming apps. However, Vizio sets itself apart with its mobile app that turns your phone into a touchscreen remote. This nifty app lets you tap, swipe, and use voice commands for convenient control.

Value and Support

When it comes to value, both brands enable … quality. Additionally, … sets stand out for their extensive warranties and solid customer service reputation, ensuring you have support when you need it.

By understanding their key strengths, from Vizio’s remote app to Hisense’s affordability, you can determine which TV brand lines up with your viewing priorities. With crystal clear visuals and smart connectivity, both provide appealing large-screen options worthy of your consideration.

Overview of Vizio and Hisense

Both Vizio and Hisense have grown from humble beginnings into leading brands in consumer electronics over the past two decades. Founded in 2002, Vizio started by selling affordable plasma TVs direct to consumers and has since expanded into sound bars, smart TVs and other devices. Known for innovation, Vizio released the first HD wireless TV tuner and apps-based smart TV platform. It remains a top seller in U.S. TV market share, focusing on large-screen 4K models.

Hisense originated in China in 1969 as a radio factory and now sells globally. Expanding into budget-friendly televisions and appliances, Hisense is focused on emerging screen technologies like laser TV. Though not as strong in U.S. market share, Hisense strives to offer premium features like integrated Alexa voice assistance at lower price points than competitors.

Key Technologies

  • Vizio leverages Quantum Color and Full Array backlighting for superior picture quality, High Dynamic Range (HDR), and ultra-bright displays.
  • Hisense incorporates proprietary ULED and Hi-View Engine technologies for enhanced color, contrast and motion fluidity.
  • Both brands offer leading display resolutions up to 4K, advanced gaming features, and smart platforms that seamlessly integrate top streaming apps.

Target Markets

Catering to the average household consumer, Vizio and Hisense aim to make premium viewing technology affordable. They sell across online and brick-and-mortar retailers. With screen sizes from small to extra-large, their ranges suit various budgets and spaces. Competing on value, they enable more consumers to upgrade with lower-priced 4K and smart models.

So whether you want to immerse yourself with a cinematic-sized display or simply need an affordable set for the guest room, both brands deliver solid performance and cutting-edge features without breaking the bank. Test them out at your local retailer today!

Key Features of Vizio TVs

Intuitive Smart Platform

At the heart of every Vizio TV lies the brand’s intuitive SmartCast platform. This allows seamless access to top streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more without having to toggle between inputs. The platform is controlled via the included voice remote, which allows you to find content quickly using voice commands.

Vizio Remote App

The Vizio remote app takes streaming a step further by turning your smartphone into a touchscreen remote. The app allows you to tap, swipe, search, and scroll through content on your Vizio TV using an easy-to-use interface. Key features of the Vizio remote app include:

  • Keyboard input for easy search
  • One-touch streaming app launch
  • Voice controls via Google Assistant or Siri
  • Second screen functionality to find shows on your phone while still watching TV

The Vizio remote app brings added convenience to the viewing experience, making it simple to find new shows to stream or control playback of current content.

Brilliant 4K Picture Quality

Vizio TVs are also known for their pristine 4K Ultra HD picture, achieved through leading backlighting technology. Features like Active Pixel Tuning ensure optimal color and clarity in every frame, bringing the latest movies and shows to life.

Combined with Dolby Vision HDR support for incredible brightness, contrast and color as well as ultra-smooth action courtesy of 240Hz effective refresh rates, Vizio 4K TVs create an immersive viewing experience in the comfort of home.

Key Features of Hisense TVs

Cutting-Edge Display Technology

Hisense TVs stand out for their use of sophisticated display panels that offer incredible color, contrast, and motion clarity. Many models utilize ULED technology, which combines quantum dots for pure color replication, full array local dimming zones for deep blacks, and precision brightness control for stellar high dynamic range (HDR) performance. Other innovations like 1080p PureFlat panels remove visual distortions for lifelike clarity across the entire screen.

Smart TV Capabilities

Integrating the intuitive VIDAA U5 smart platform, Hisense TVs provide quick access to top streaming apps and easy control of connected devices. Key features include:

  • Voice control through Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Fast, customizable home screen with app shortcuts
  • Seamless casting from mobile devices
  • Intuitive remote with dedicated hotkeys

These smart functions transform Hisense TVs into central hubs for all entertainment and home automation needs.

Value-Oriented Pricing

Despite their advanced technology, Hisense TVs are very competitively priced compared to other major brands. For example, their lineup of 4K ULED models with premium features often retail for hundreds of dollars less than comparable offerings from top-tier manufacturers. This makes the Hisense value proposition very appealing for budget-conscious shoppers wanting excellent performance without the premium price tag.

By concentrating R&D on efficient manufacturing and passing cost savings to the consumer, Hisense makes best-in-class display engineering surprisingly affordable.

Screen Size Resolution Key Features Price
55 inches 4K UHD ULED, HDR 10+, Dolby Vision IQ $499.99
65 inches 4K UHD Full array local dimming, 120Hz refresh rate $699.99

With such capabilities at these price points, Hisense TVs give consumers stellar bang for their buck.

Comparing User Experience: Vizio vs Hisense

Ease of Setup and Controls

Both Vizio and Hisense smart TVs are relatively straightforward to set up. However, Vizio pulls ahead when it comes to the remote control experience. The Vizio app allows you to use your smartphone as a remote, making it easy to type using a touchscreen keyboard. You can also use voice controls with Google Assistant or Alexa built-in.

Hisense, while featuring voice control capability, lacks a dedicated mobile app remote. The button-driven Roku remote can feel outdated for typing and voice search.

Interface and Smart Features

Vizio uses the Vizio SmartCast interface which has a simple, easy-to-navigate tile layout. You get built-in Chromecast support for wirelessly casting content from your mobile device. Popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more are available.

Hisense runs on the Roku TV interface, also featuring a simple home screen layout. Roku arguably has the most app support and strongest smart TV ecosystem. But some may find Vizio’s interface more modern and visually-appealing.

Picture Quality

  • Vizio’s Quantum dot technology, available on higher-end models like the P-Series Quantum X, enables better color accuracy and brightness compared to anything Hisense currently offers.
  • Hisense mid-range models match Vizio for black levels and contrast but can’t compete on peak brightness and HDR performance.
  • For budget models, Hisense edges out Vizio slightly for overall picture quality.

So when it comes to the viewing experience, Vizio takes the lead with superior displays on high-end sets, while Hisense competes well on affordability.

Final Verdict

The Vizio Remote App: A Game Changer

Unparalleled Convenience at Your Fingertips

The Vizio remote app brings unmatched convenience and control to your viewing experience. With just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet, you can easily access all of your TV’s functions and features. This removes the need to juggle multiple remote controls or struggle with a tiny, button-laden traditional remote.

You can seamlessly browse channels, adjust volume, turn your TV on or off, and access built-in streaming apps. The app makes navigating menus and settings much easier with its intuitive and responsive interface. Whether you want to quickly change the input or dive into the picture settings to fine-tune every last detail, the Vizio app puts you in the driver’s seat.

Powerful Features That Make Your Life Easier

The Vizio app stands out from competitors with unique capabilities that simplify your life. The remote feature allows you to configure specific TV settings for each input. For example, you can set the picture mode to Vivid for gaming and Calibrated Dark for movies – then the TV will switch modes automatically when you change input sources.

You also get perks like the ability to cast photos, videos, and music from your phone to the TV screen in an instant. With just one tap, you can pull up your files to share and enjoy on the big screen.

Key Remote App Benefits:
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Easy smart TV navigation
  • Robust feature set
  • Input-specific custom settings
  • Media casting capabilities

Seamless Control for Your Entire Ecosystem

The Vizio app ties all your devices together into one cohesive smart home ecosystem. It acts as a central hub to control Vizio sound bars, speakers, and smart lights in addition to your TV. You can adjust audio settings, group devices into rooms, and even use voice controls to operate accessories hands-free.

With robust features, intuitive design, and ecosystem-wide control, the Vizio remote app delivers unmatched convenience. It’s a game changer that transforms how you watch, listen, and live.


In summary, Vizio offers superior smart TV capabilities through their innovative remote app integration. With robust features like seamless casting, intuitive voice controls, and personalized recommendations, Vizio provides a cutting-edge user experience. As this buying guide has shown, when choosing between Vizio and Hisense, Vizio is typically the smarter option if you prioritize connectivity and smart functionality.

If those features appeal to you, Vizio’s offering delivers exceptional value. We recommend selecting a Vizio model that fits your budget and needs. Their innovative platform will keep you entertained while simplifying access and discovery of content.